You can vote for four (4) contestants in the Semi Finalist round & one (1) contestant in the Finalist Round. We offer three ways to vote in the Hatch Contest:

  1. Right below, on our Website (once a day)
  2. Hatch Detroit’s Facebook Page (once a day)
  3. Our Community Voting Booths (once per location)

If you’re really gunning for one of our businesses, be sure to triple up and get those votes in! When the 4 Finalists are announced, round one votes are not carried over into round two. We start with a blank slate.

If you run into any issues voting, take a look at our FAQs below or contact us directly at

Wondering who to vote for? Hear it straight from the Top 10! 


Can multiple users use the same device to vote?

On the website? No. Facebook? Yes. Because we use a combination of IP address and cookies to track voters, multiple users cannot vote on the same device through our website. On Facebook, as long as each person is logged into their individual account, they may use the same device to vote.

I waited 24 hours, but I keep getting a message that I have already voted. What's going on?

Are you sure it’s been 24 hours? If you vote at 11am the first day, you must wait until 11:01am the following day to be able to vote. If that’s the case, you’re likely on a shared IP address with someone who has already voted (common in offices, shared buildings and sometimes households). Please try to vote from another device and make sure that your browser does not have an ad/cookie blocker installed.

How often can we vote?

You can vote once per day on the website and Facebook and once per location at the community voting booths.

Is the Contest limited to local voters?

Voting is not limited to location.

When does each round of voting end?

Voting Primary Period: August 10 – August 16, Midnight
Top 4 Finalists announced: Friday, August 17 at noon
Round two voting period: August 17, noon – August 24, Midnight

Where can we vote in person?

Check out our Community Voting Booth Schedule!

SISTER PIE — Saturday August 11: 10am – 12pm
CAMPUS MARTIUS — Monday August 13: 11am – 2pm
EASTERN MARKET, SHED 2 — Tuesday August 14: 11am – 2pm
LA FERIA — Wednesday August 15: 3pm – 6pm
GRANDMONT ROSEDALE FARMERS’ MARKET — Thursday August 16: 4pm – 8pm

How does voting work at the Community Voting Booths?

They’re old school paper ballots! Ballot votes are weighed equally to online votes, so you could also look at it as a way to get an extra vote, all while supporting some great small & local businesses (including several Hatch alumni!)