Paradise Natural Foods

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Paradise Natural Foods is a vegan deli that works to create a community of wellness while bringing people from all walks of life together in their journey toward healthier eating.

Did you wake up this morning thinking this is the day that you commit to eating healthier?  Maybe you are a busy professional on the run, but want to enhance your ability to manage a hectic schedule and getting more energy by eating clean, nutritious food, or an athlete working on ways to up their performance level. You may be experiencing a health crisis and have been reading up on plant based eating as a way to rejuvenate your body.  Whatever your reason, Paradise Natural Foods would like to connect with you on your journey to wellness by being your go to Deli for plant based cuisine.

So here’s the thing, we love vegans and their commitment to a plant based lifestyle.  And we are happy to provide many vegan options for all your meals from breakfast, lunch, dinner and pastries.  But, we especially want to invite the curious, health seeker looking for vegan options, or the meatless Monday aficionado to explore a global plethora of vegan food beyond the humble lettuce salad.  It is truly exciting to see a committed carnivore polish off a meal of plants and become a supporter and a cheerleader for plant based eating on a regular basis.

So a quintessential American Deli, reimagined with the dishes from Caribbean and African roots, infused with cultural influences from a wanderlust life, all coming together to create a global flavor. Sounds delicious?  We think so.

Over the past several decades in Detroit, chef Nezaa Bandele or Mama Nezaa has been feeding the Detroit community with vegan dishes reminiscent of mainstream favorites and comfort foods, sans the problematic ingredients that has led to the health crises we are experiencing.  She believes that healthy food shouldn’t be punishment, and must be delicious and tasty if it is become a lifelong way of eating.  Her studies in Community Health and Nutrition at Wayne State further enhanced the nutritional quality of the plant based offerings that is sought after by organizations and everyday Detroiters.  Your doctor’s prescription to eat more vegetables just got a lot more delicious and easier, and along the way an exciting new way to reach your health goals.

So let’s take a tour of this new vegan spot taking its place on the growing Detroit foodscape:

DÉCOR:  A sprinkling of Caribbean aesthetics, some D-Town flavor, and a deli meets World sensibility.

ATMOSPHERE:  Reggae, Motown greats, and world music create a lively backdrop to lunch meet-ups, and customers learning, sharing and discussing the last delicious thing they tried and how their 3-year-old loves the kale salad!  And that chocolate cake, what kind of magic is that? No eggs or dairy?! No Sir.

OFFERINGS:  This is not your grandma’s deli, but the HOT BAR, COLD CASE, JUICE BAR, BAKERY AND GRAB AND GO has everything you need to create every meal.

Paradise Natural Foods is creating a Third Place for everything healthy, plant based and vegan.  Winning the HATCH DETROIT 2018 Competition and the opportunity for networking will be a great foundation to realizing our dream.