How two refugees in Detroit are embodying the American dream

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Article via Tom Perkins of Metrotimes. Photo credit: Noah Elliott Morrison

The story of Nadia Nijimbere and Mamba Hamissi is an especially important one in the United States in 2018. They fled their war-torn home of Burundi in recent years, landed here with next to nothing, sought political asylum, and later this year are opening a highly anticipated restaurant on Woodward in New Center. They are the embodiment of the American Dream, and yet they are the type of people our president likes to villainize. But their story is one of many that proves his narrative wrong.

Nijimbre and Hamissi’s new lives started in 2013 when Nijimbere — then working as a human rights activist in the increasingly violent East African nation — fled to the U.S. to seek asylum as a hostile government started targeting her.

When she arrived in Detroit, she was taken in by Freedom House, a home in Southwest Detroit that provides temporary housing and other services for asylum seekers.

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