DETROIT UNSPUN: Sister Pie is the deserving and delicious winner of the 2014 Comerica Hatch Detroit Contest

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This article originally appeared in Detroit Unspun

By Karen Dybis

Now, the real news peg: Sister Pie is the winner of the 2014 Comerica Hatch Detroit Contest, presented by The Detroit Lions. According to its description, Sister Pie “aims to celebrate the seasons through pie and will use seasonal, locally sourced ingredients to create sweet and savory food, including pies, cookies, breads and breakfast pastries.”

Sister Pie will receive $50,000 from Comerica Bank, which provides the grand prize. This tasty new business also will receive legal, accounting and information-technology services from a variety of Hatch Detroit sponsors. This is the fourth year the contest has put a business on the map – previous winners include Midtown’s Hugh and LaFeria as well as Batch Brewing Company. (Hugh and LaFeria are already open; Batch is opening in Corktown in fall.)

Wednesday night was a monumental night for Sister Pie, but it also introduced everyone who follows the contest to an amazing group of finalists this year. The other three top contenders for the contest were Third Wave Music, Gabriel Hall and Cockadoodle. All were worthy ideas, and chances are Hatch Detroit and its noble employees, sponsors and friends will help these three visionary entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground – because of the 30 finalists so far, 14 of them have gone from fantasy to retail reality. That’s a pretty great track record.

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