Coriander Kitchen & Farm

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Hear Gwen & Alison pitch Coriander Kitch & Farm on StartUp Nation:

At Coriander Kitchen and Farm, we know we give our best to those things we hold dear. Alison Heeres and Gwen Meyer, founders of Coriander Kitchen and Farm, truly value healthy, sustainable, good food. This is why we have started an urban farm and catering business that we hope will bloom into a brick and mortar cafe. We are excited to have found a home for our future cafe at the Detroit River Sports Marina where DRS connects people with the outdoors through river sport rentals. Imagine spending a day on the river and ending with a healthy lunch or dinner overlooking the canals with a cold pint of Michigan beer without leaving Detroit! A place where you can sit outside and linger, enjoying the sunset and listening to the bird calls. We will create earnest food to match the rustic aesthetic of the marina. We work with ingredients grown as close to home as possible because we believe we cook our best when we value the product AND the person and the place behind it. Having worked on commercial farms, we know that many farms cannot sell imperfect produce that is still perfectly delicious. Through creating a collaborative urban farm and kitchen operation, we will create delicious food using ingredients grown by our own farm and other farms that we know and trust, reduce waste through using all farm products through creative kitchen production, and improve soils and Detroit native ecosystems by using organic growing practices.
Why are we applying for Hatch? Because we believe that people thrive in places that have green spaces and access to nature, as well as good, affordable, healthy food. We intend to grow food and flowers in every space available on our farm and in and around our kitchen cafe, and we invite the community to see and taste the difference. We believe the community should vote for us because Detroit needs more peaceful natural places where the community can be in touch with the outdoors and eat casual, healthy, and sustainable food. We think they will agree!

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