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Hear Ryan’s pitch for Corbé on StartUp Nation:

Corbé is a ceramic design and manufacturing studio located in the North End of Detroit . We handcraft porcelain wares that are simple and useful, built for the modern home and table.  Balancing the precision of technology with warmth of hand, our ceramic wares are inspired by mid-century design, traditional craft, and small-scale, American manufacture. Our porcelain tabletop foundations honor the ingredients, people, and places at the heart of our gratitude, to share their stories.

We entered into the Hatch contest to be able to create a retail area in our studio in order share with Detroit the work of the talented makers working within the city. Our work is sold primarily online through our website or in person through various markets, shows, and fairs around the region. In doing the shows in the metro Detroit area, visitors are often surprised to discover that there are so many small, creative businesses making things in the city. Through the creation of a new retail area in the North End, we plan to offer ours as well as the work of other “handufactured” businesses operating in the city.

We also entered because we plan to offer classes in our studio for the public to come and experience the ceramic arts, and since moving to our new studio, many people from the neighborhood have come by inquiring what is happening in the space. Upon learning that it is a ceramics studio, questions quickly arise about classes and/or workshops. Our neighbors are very interested in a place for their kids to be able to go and experience art while staying out of trouble as well as the opportunity for themselves to try out the craft. Being able to provide this to our immediate community and wider Detroit will be an enriching experience for all.

With a lot of attention being paid to Downtown and Midtown, supporting our entry will help enrich the North End community- a vibrant and enthusiastic neighborhood. It will also aid other creative businesses by way of offering them an outlet to share and sell their work within the city, while assisting in the education and appreciation of the arts for kids, teens, and adults in the North End and wider Detroit.

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