Ash & Erie

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At Ash & Erie, we’re reinventing menswear for guys 5’8” and under. We are the first company to design clothes specifically for younger, shorter guys.
There are currently no off-the-rack, everyday options for shorter guys. Some men will get lucky finding one-off items or shopping in the kid’s section, but most guys, to achieve the right fit, have to take every piece of clothing they buy to a tailor. This shopping experience is embarrassing, frustrating, and expensive. Clothes from mainstream retailers do not work on shorter guys. Designing shorter guy clothes isn’t as simple as shortening the length–every detail of the Ralph Lauren shirt does not fit well on a shorter guy.
No major retailer offers clothes specifically for shorter guys even though there are more men 5’8” and under than petite women. One in three American men are 5’8” and under, representing 40 million guys our size. Shorter guys still have to buy clothes as often as everyone else and will spend over $20 billion each year on clothes that don’t even fit well.
Our first product line is the Everyday Shirt, a casual button-down meant to be worn at work, play, or wherever. Our shirts feature shorter sleeves and body lengths, a slim button-down collar, and appropriate chest and waist measurements among others features that complement guys 5’8” and under. Our unique sizing system guarantees the best possible off-the-rack fit for shorter guys.
Since launching our eCommerce store on November 19, we sold out of our initial inventory in our first five weeks and now have over $115,000 of sales of our Everyday Shirts. We anticipate selling $440,000 of our clothes in 2016.
We’re proud to be a Detroit company and intend to grow here long term. There’s a great opportunity to be part of a new wave of apparel startups popping up in the city. We believe there’s no better place where we build our operations as effectively with many talented individuals in the marketing and customer service industries to hire from the metro area.
We’re building the first major retailer for shorter guys.
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