Our concept is simple. We take two cookies and a scoop of ice cream, and when

combined, we have taken simple and created premium. Eskimo Jacks Artisan

Cookies + Ice Cream was launched in February of 2011, when we did our first

event. Having just purchased our first porty cart, we brought our fresh baked

cookies and tubs of ice cream and made our ice cream sandwiches. Since then,

we have started making our own ice cream from scratch, and have added more

carts and an ice cream truck. We have continued to grow, and since we started

we have done over 700 events.

In April of 2015, we took our sandwiches and our brand awareness to the next

level. We launched a 3-pack of Eskimo Jacks Ice Cream Sandwiches into 13

Buschs Fresh Food Markets in the Greater Detroit Area. Since then we have

added more stores that carry our sandwiches, including Fresh Thyme, Westborn,

and Nino Salvaggio. We have also expanded our party cart concept into the

Florida market, partnering up to create our “Business in a Box” concept, where

we license the business, creating part time opportunities for entrepeneurs to get

into business for themselves selling Eskimo Jacks Ice Cream Sandwiches at


We are ready to take the next step to create a larger manufacturing facility to

keep up with our growth and allow us to fullfill another piece of our vision-to have

a retail space in the City of Detroit. For the past year we have launched a search

for a location where we can continue to make our cookies and ice cream, and

have a space where we can interact directly with our customers. Our goal was

always to come back to Detroit.

Once we realized dreams can come true, we entered into the world of Hatch. We

are excited to be a part of a program that is committed to the continued revival of

Detroit, by giving businesses like ourselves the exposure and resources that we

need. Our dream of bringing our four full time and ten part time employees to

Detroit can happen. The reality of us manufacturing and having a retail space

that can employ another 10-20 people will happen.

In order for Eskimo jacks Artisan Cookies + Ice Cream to realize our dream, we

need your support. Voting for us is as simple as taking two cookies and a scoop

of ice cream and making a sandwich-but the results are every bit as magical. By

voting for us, you will allow us to be a part of a city and a community that we can

support by hiring people and by showing the world that small businesses can

thrive in Detroit.

Thanks for the opportunity!!!